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We’re here to help you achieve your goals. Our training solutions are specifically targeted to meet your unique needs by maximizing your existing strengths and bridging the gaps in between. From beginning to post-completion, Stillwater provides the expertise and ongoing support you need to make the most of your resources and produce real results.

We begin by working with you to assess your current needs and identify your end target. From there, we build a custom curriculum specifically designed to produce your desired results. Our services are fully mobile and delivered on-site using practical learning methods, and we continue to provide support as your staff transition from trainees to skilled and productive employees. Ask us how our approach can build success for you.

Forestry programs

Since 2012, Stillwater has built a reputation for providing innovative and highly effective training programs that are carefully designed to match the needs of forestry employers. Previous programs have varied in length from 10 days to 17 weeks and typically combine industry certifications with field studies modules from our custom-designed curriculum, catering to the specific requirements of our clients.

Custom training

With our network of instructors and broad range of expertise, Stillwater can create training solutions that maximize the capacity of your existing staff and help you to achieve your goals. We work with you to identify what you need from your employees, then deliver a tailored program that targets the areas that will provide the most benefit. No matter what industry you’re in, Stillwater has a plan for you.

Recent programs
  • 17-week Advanced Forestry Skills Training
    Delivered in partnership with College of the Rockies, our Advanced Forestry Skills Training program provides the fundamental knowledge required to begin a career in the forest industry. More than 600 hours of training, including OFA 3, Danger Tree Assessor, Silviculture Survey, saw operation, forestry field studies and a two-week practicum ensure high quality graduates who are ready to join the industry.
  • Wildland Firefighting and Silviculture Essentials
    Following more than a decade of devastating wildfire incidents in British Columbia and Alberta, Stillwater developed a solution to help replenish the supply of trained fire respondents. The curriculum includes all necessary industry certifications for individuals to join a fire crew, as well as first aid, forestry, workplace skills and silviculture training.
  • Results
    Each of our programs is designed to meet and exceed specific goals. In our publicly-funded offerings, such as Advanced Forestry or Wildland Firefighting and Silviculture Essentials, the aim is to match employer demand for staff with individuals who are currently unemployed or looking to increase their participation in the labour force. On average, more than 90% of past participants of these programs have successful outcomes within two weeks of graduation.

    Business clients report that the increased capacity of their employees allows the expansion of their operations and the ability to provide more services. This increase in worker skills means more business and more revenue.


“Stillwater has definitely increased the number of quality applicants looking for work in our business. We now have three Stillwater graduates working for us on a full-time, year-round basis and we’re more inclined to take a closer look at future applicants who have this training”
– Aaron Byng-Hall, Maple Leaf Forestry


“The best part about Stillwater’s programs is that they provide skilled workers at the right time”
– Jeff Westover, Vast Resource Solutions


“Many people here find it difficult to move to the city to take advantage of training programs and therefore really benefit from training occurring close to home. Stillwater’s training is diverse enough to provide Líl̓wat Forestry Venture employees with a wider skill set and gain the essential tickets required to work in the forest industry”
– Klay Tindall, Líl̓wat Forestry Ventures


“In the high-demand in forest fire fighting season, we do see a need for more well-trained and certified individuals to draw from in our time of need. Stillwater has helped to fill that void”
– Mike Effray, Strategic Fire Control Ltd.


Delivery Partners/Joint Ventures


We’re ready to start on your new plan. Get in touch today to find out more about our custom training programs or arrange a consultation.