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From humble beginnings in 2012, Stillwater Consulting began as a sole proprietorship with a handful of prospective clients and a small team of passionate, driven, and extremely talented staff. We immediately established a reputation of consistent success even on the most ambitious projects, resulting in rapid growth and the incorporation of the company after only three months. Today, Stillwater Consulting Ltd. is perhaps best recognized for our work providing innovative and highly-effective workplace skills training, particularly within the forestry sector.







In addition to our various custom training projects, we continue to deliver a diverse range of projects including business development, management, marketing and communications. We take a personalized approach to project management, with a focus on fully understanding the needs of our clients to deliver results on time and on budget. We understand that every project will face challenges, but adhere to a philosophy of a calm, flexible and relentless approach - overcoming each obstacle and staying focused on our objective. Our talented and diverse team are skilled at adapting as circumstances arise to strategically move each project forward with clear judgement, free from emotion and stress. We operate with low overheads to deliver cost-effective solutions to clients of all sizes.







Stillwater Consulting Ltd
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